Five Tips To Prepare Children For A Move

By: Christopher Toste

Five Tips To Prepare Children For A Move

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Five Tips To Prepare Children For A Move
Moving can always be disruptive to routines and change is always difficult for everyone especially so for children. Therefore, preparing your children for the move will help them cope better with the changes.
For this post, I decided to reach out to Momma Braga who is a Canadian mom blogger and was named the 2017 Blogger of the Year by The Baby Spot (Global Parenting Online Magazine) to get her advice on the subject.  

Here are Momma Braga’s five tips to prepare children for a move.  

Start the Conversation Early
It is important to start the moving conversation as soon as you decide to move. Give them time to get used to the idea if possible. Talk about the move often to reinforce that it is real and going to happen. Children (depending on their age) can react in fear for the unknown. Try to give them plenty of information about the move and encourage any questions. Answer them honestly and be prepared for a variety of reactions. Even if the move means an improvement in family life, kids don’t always understand that and may be focused on the frightening aspects of the change.

Involve the Children
Get your children involved in the planning as much as possible as it makes them feel they are contributing and being a good help in the house-hunting process or the search for a new school. Encourage their opinions and participation. Momma Braga would take her toddler to open houses to see how her daughter felt about the property. It worked as her toddler loved the one house that they fell in love with.   

Tour the New Neighbourhood
If you are moving nearby or even at a distance, plan a tour in the new neighbourhood. Show your children the new house and walk around the neighbourhood so they can get a feel for where they are moving to. This helps relieve any anxiety that they may feel. If you are able to plan a couple of trips before the big move it will be beneficial for your children and even for yourself.

Keeping Routines
Once you have moved try to get your children back into their familiar routines. It would be best to unpack their rooms first as this will help them settle and feel more secure in their new home.

Stay Positive
Remember to stay positive during the process as your children will feel your anxiety and fears of your own. Communicate with your children openly and honestly and everything will go into its place. With younger children you can make it really exciting for them about the move and act out the move with their toys. Positive play can do wonders with your little one.

Above all, a move can be challenging at times, but if you focus on working through the process together as a family it can bring you closer. Moving out of your comfort zones can help you learn a lot more about each other and it can end up being a fun process for all. If you have any questions on the moving process, feel free to connect with me as I would be happy to help.

Special thank you to Momma Braga for sharing her parentings tips and feel free to check out her blog at

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