By: Christopher Toste

"Have We Outgrown Our Home?"...Top 4 Signs It's Time To Move On

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“Have we Outgrown our Home?”…Top 4 Signs it’s Time to Move On

Many times, when purchasing a home, we focus on our current lifestyle setup rather than our future needs. However, life has a tendency to change…and with change comes the need to adapt.
When families grow so do their needs in a home.  Here are the top four reasons I’ve learned from clients with growing families on when it is time to consider moving.

Lack of Storage
A.K.A. The bane of most families’ existence. One important requirement that many families have is storage and the lack of storage becomes very apparent when there are more people living in a household. For example, many young families very quickly learn how little storage they have when a little one arrives. You would be surprised how much space children’s items take up. This can ring especially true for families who live in a condominium where storage is scarce.

Onto greener pastures…Lack of Home and Green Space
Tying into storage is the need for ‘actual’ living space. It is important that your home is functional for your family and their needs. For example, if you have two children sharing a room, this may only work (be functional) for a certain amount of time. But many times children need more space as they grow and each one may need their own room. Space can also mean in the outdoor capacity. Many families would love to have a backyard for their children to play in or have an extra entertaining space for themselves and this may be an important need to look at when deciding to move.

Proximity to Family or Loved Ones    
To many people, being close to their family members is important when they are raising their children. As the saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.
Tip: There have been endless times that I have had people reach out to me as they have seen a house for sale in their ideal neighbourhood as they want to live close to family. I’d recommend casually keeping an eye out for properties for sale in those desired neighbourhoods.

Future Family Needs in Neighbourhoods and School Districts
Speaking of neighbourhoods, they do carry a lot of weight in the deciding factor on where to move. Neighbourhoods are constantly changing with new developments and businesses. You may no longer feel that your current neighbourhood works for you and your family. For example many families are leaving the GTA area and going into more suburban neighbourhoods for the family friendliness, cost of living and space availability. In addition, school districts are another important need for many families as their children grow. Many families decide to move to certain school districts to enable their children for better education. Therefore, neighbourhoods and school districts go hand-in-hand when deciding to move.

These are just some signs and factors to look out for when you are asking yourself, “Have we outgrown our home?”

I recommend discussing what your current family needs are and what you may need for the future. Remember, I am always a call away and have extensive experience helping young families find the right fit for them by profiling neighborhoods, school districts and keeping an eye out on opportunities, when you don’t have the time to. 

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