A Quick 4-Step Guide For Engaged Couples On House Hunting

By: Christopher Toste

A Quick 4-Step Guide For Engaged Couples On House Hunting

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An engagement is usually the start of the next chapter in a couple’s lives as they start to plan their wedding and in many cases start house hunting. While both are exciting steps but they do require a lot of work. So how can a newly engaged couple balance it all?
It takes a lot of patience, compromise, planning and communication. You can almost say it is a great way to learn about marriage early on.
Here is a guide on how it can all be juggled with some personal experience from the Teixeira couple.  

  1. Schedule Time
Finding the time to do it all is always a challenge; however, with some planning and coordination, it can be accomplished. Try to split the time between both of your milestones such as booking Mondays for real estate and Wednesdays for Wedding. The wedding and real estate industries offer unique schedules to accommodate their clients. “We found that everyone we dealt with was flexible to our schedule which was truly helpful in our planning,” stated Melanie.  
  1. Discuss and Note What You Want Together
Before you start anything it is best to sit down with your partner to create a wish list and make it fun for the both of you. Create a list of 5 items each for criteria in a home and see where you differ. This can be a great way to learn how to compromise. “This exercise that we did really helped us see what exactly we were looking for. It also helped us see where we had some differences and this is where we would start compromising (a technique that is great to learn before you are married),” says Melanie.
Once this foundation is set you will be ready to find the right real estate agent for you based on your needs to start the house hunting process.
  1. Plan and Discuss Your Finances
It is recommended to have your finances in order and to have your pre-approval mortgage ready. You have the option to take out a mortgage together or just have one person take out the mortgage. If you are taking out the mortgage together before you get married and you change your name, there is an additional fee to have the legal documents changed. “As soon as we got engaged we opened up a joint bank account and every month we deposited a certain amount of money into it. This helped us save for a down payment on a home,” says Melanie.
  1. The House Hunting

With the guidance of your real estate agent you can be confident that you are taking the right steps to find your dream home to start the next chapter in your lives. Melanie stated, “The process wasn’t too overwhelming for us as we took it one day at a time. With the guidance from our real estate professional we were able to find our home quickly and with very little pressure along the way.” 

Once you know what you want as a couple, it makes the house hunting process that much easier and if you don’t you can always count on your real estate professional to help you along the way.
This quick guide provides some pointers on how engaged couples can prepare themselves for the house hunting process with some personal experiences from the Teixeira couple. But remember that everyone’s experience and process can be different. If you are an engaged couple looking to find their dream home, just remember that you can reach out to me as I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions tailored to your unique needs.

Congratulations and good luck with your home search! 

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