Upsizing From Condo To Home Living | It’s A Possibility

By: Christopher Toste

Upsizing From Condo To Home Living | It’s A Possibility

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In some cases, the first real estate experience is a condominium, especially for a single or young couple. Many do this for financial reasons or for the type of living it offers; however, no matter the reason, it is a great way to get your foot in real estate.

As with anything in life, things change and people’s needs change. This is when many people look at upsizing their space from condo to home. There are many differences between owning the two styles and sometimes people think it is too much where owning a home isn’t a possibility.
But anything is possible!

Transitioning can be difficult; however, with the proper knowledge, resources and right mind-set, it will help make it a smoother transition.

We have gathered some comparisons on some of the major differences as knowledge is key. This is the first step to know your possibility.

One of the biggest fears with upsizing is costs and monthly costs.

When it comes to condo expenses you can be sure that it covers all the utilities with the exception of Hydro. These expenses are covered with the maintenance fees. These are set by the condo corporation and usually it is a fixed amount each month until it is reviewed yearly where it can raise for the following year. Depending on the condo corporation your fees include the shared recreational services such as the gym and swimming pool. The amount varies by condo on how much is taken from the maintenance fee (some could be 35% of your fees). For some who don’t use these services can find this to be an unnecessary expense for them.

When it comes to home owning, you are responsible for all the utility bills. However, there are no maintenance fees in owning your home. For example, if you put aside the money that would have been for your maintenance fees, you could see the difference in how much is spent per month and you would be surprised at what you could possibly have left over. That could be carried into the next month in case there is a little extra to cover. Keeping track of the utility bills is important as you can see how much is used and spent. It will help you manage the bills more effectively.

*Hint: Signing up for e-billing for example is a great way to help make the colder months more manageable with the gas company.


Time is precious for everyone especially when we balance so much in life like work, family and our home life.
Condo living does not require too much additional time to maintain especially the outdoor space. There are little things to do in the condo; however, usually that is based on a reactive action.

Home owners on the other hand need to invest a little more time in doing things around the home and maintaining the outdoors. It is said that gardening can be very therapeutic for people and if you enjoy this activity it can be very beneficial.

With time, one can see as a home being as proactive while a condo is more reactive which has pros and cons to both.


We all follow rules especially the rules of the law. But with condo and home living there are a few differences.
Condo residents need to follow the law but also have to abide to the additional rules set out by the condo corporation such as when you can put garbage down the chute; the colour of curtains that can be used; what can be left on the balcony; outdoor décor and even holiday décor. There are many rules to be followed in order to keep all living in the building happy.

With being a home owner, the rules that are followed are the laws and by-laws that are set out by each city or town you live in. But they are no other rules that have been set by a body of people on details surrounding how you want to decorate your home inside or out. The city does require you to maintain your property such as cutting the grass and removing snow. But there are also other opportunities with owning a home such as having it as an income property where you can still live in the home and rent a portion of it. There is also an option of doing an Airbnb room. This is not possible in most condominiums.


There is more work involved in owning a home but it definitely is worth it when you have the space that you need for you and your family. Many of my clients never thought they could make that transition but they have in strides.

With patience, proper budgeting and great love, owning a home is possible.

Now is the perfect time to jump from condo living to a house as condos have increased in price while houses have stayed steady with today’s market.

To make the transition, give me a call and we can put a plan in place on the possibilities. 



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