Top 5 Home Seller's To-Do Checklist

By: Christopher Toste

Top 5 Home Seller's To-Do Checklist

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Selling a home can be an overwhelming experience with many tasks to complete prior to being market ready. However, with the right professional and checklist by your side it can be an easy process.

Firstly simplify your to-do-list by tackling one room at a time by creating a checklist of what needs to be completed.
If you are pressed for time, it is important to prioritize your list. Cleaning, packing up and decluttering should be top priority. You want to make sure that your home is well maintained to intrigue a potential home buyer and this is why preparing your home is very important in the sale process.

Evaluate Each Room

In most cases the buyer will only see the home once, added pressure for the first impression as home buyers need to see the full potential.
Therefore, look in each room and see how you can improve each one such as removing excess furniture, de-personalizing, and decluttering. This would make the home more inviting to prospective home buyers. You want them to feel welcomed, relaxed and to imagine living in your space.
Make sure to make notes on each room to better keep you organized and less overwhelmed.

Clean And/Or Replace

It is important to check the little details around the home to make sure that everything is cleaned and in good working order. For example check the light switches, light bulbs, front door, carpets, blinds, AC/Heater vents and fireplace.
If anything needs to be replaced, make sure that it gets done before home buyers visit the home.

Dust Everything

Dust and dust again on items that normally don’t make it on the weekly cleaning list. Make sure that you get the walls, blinds, ceilings, baseboards, windows, ceiling fans, etc.

Make It Inviting

You want your home to be inviting and welcoming to potential home buyers. There are some things that you can do to make it more inviting such as rearranging furniture to maximize visual floor space. Pack up knick-knacks, reduce wall art and leave your home smelling fresh are all ways that will appeal to the potential home buyer.

Outdoor Upkeep

The indoors isn’t the only place to make sure it looks well and ready for home buyers. The outdoors is also important especially since it will give the first impression of the home, especially the curb appeal.  
If you are selling your home in the winter, then make sure that the walkways are clear of snow and that everything is as clean as possible. If you are selling your home in the Spring/Summer months, make sure that the lawn is cut and the outdoors is well taken care of.
These five checklist items will help you get your home ready for the fast pace real estate market. It might seem like this would take forever to accomplish, but getting your home ready before listing is imperative for a successful sale.

This is the time to make a strong first impression and the time invested in getting your home ready will show the potential home buyer that you have gone above the rest. Your hard work will pay off at the closing table in the end and it will make it all worth it.  

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